Great VR Begins with
Great Content

We engineered Voyager to elevate the movie watching experience, but our goal is to always start with content that’s great however you view it. We work closely with content creators to bring their stories to thrilling life by maximizing Voyager’s innovative technology.

Our content library features films for nearly every preference — and it’s always growing.


Micro Giants immerses you into the micro-ecosystem of insects and plants. With a compelling narrative, vivid details, and beautiful design, flowers and insects are now gargantuan trees and mighty beasts, grass becomes forestland, rocks are mountains, and water drops are as massive as swimming pools.

Category: Nature/Narrative
Length: 7:00
Content Advisories: Giant bugs up close
VR Advisories: Realistic encounters with Insects and other Bugs


Join a breathtaking journey through the Hidden World of How To Train Your Dragon with the help of the film’s famous characters, including Astrid, Hiccup, Toothless, Hookfang and more.

Category: Animated Adventure
Length: 5:00
Content Advisories: Family Friendly


Starring Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy, the First Man VR experience (produced in partnership with Universal Pictures and RYOT) lets audiences step into Neil Armstrong’s shoes – and his seat – to take the perilous, thrilling journey from NASA Mission Control, to the cockpit of the Apollo 11 as it breaks through Earth’s atmosphere, to the moment the lunar module lands on the moon. Presented in breathtaking Voyager VR, it’s the closest you can get to the moon without going there yourself!

Category: Historic/Drama
Length: 6:40
Content Advisories: Space Flight


Two episodes which can play seamlessly back to back

Episode 1:

Set on the famed Isla Nublar, Jurassic World: Blue takes place four years after the events in which Jurassic World has been abandoned and dinosaurs have overtaken the island. Amid the threat of volcanic eruption, we encounter the aforementioned Blue on her quest for survival.

Episode 2:

Viewers track alongside Blue as she hunts for food, searches for signs of fellow life, and battles some of the island’s most threatening predators — all while the island is on the verge of imminent destruction.

Category: Intense/Action
Length: 4:25 each episode
Content Advisories: Destruction
VR Advisories: Realistic Dinosaur encounters


Bonus immersive zombie scene from The Walking Dead, created to debut on AMC VR app following the season-eight premiere of The Walking Dead

Category: Horror
Length: 2:20
Content Advisories: Zombies
VR Advisories: Extreme Scare


A groundbreaking VR simulation of what life on Mars could look like for a human population of one million people. The experience takes users through a Martian Community Onboarding Center, showing innovations in areas such as architecture, engineering and transportation that enable humans to make the leap to Mars.

Category: Educational/Sci-fi
Length: 12:00


Bored of your dreams? Then it’s time to try on someone else’s! From the brilliant (but questionable) minds that brought you Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim, the Dream Corp LLC VR experience will make you wonder if your VR headset was laced with something – in a good way.  Beginning in the Dream Corp lab, this supremely trippy and hilariously weird short film places the viewer inside of a dream world filled with garbage monsters, a worm circus, a giant neon cowboy, and more.

Category: Comedy
Length: 5:20
Content Advisories: Comic Mischief
VR Advisories: Extreme Heights


Inspired by the real life events of the first nationally reported UFO abduction in 1961, Dinner Party is a psychological thriller that explores the story of Betty and Barney Hill as they recount their separate and radically different accounts of the night in question. Alternately intimate and mind-bending, Dinner Party in Voyager VR takes you on a fully immersive ride through an intergalactic mystery that people are still puzzling over, nearly 60 years on. Whose story will you believe?

Category: Drama
Length: 13:30
Content Advisories: Intergalactic Mystery
VR Advisories: Intense Alien Abduction


In Christopher Nolan’s epic action thriller Dunkirk, 400,000 Allied soldiers are trapped on the beach of Dunkirk, France, with their backs to the sea as the enemy closes in.

This 360-degree short film, features specially created original content that shows you the three perspectives of the movie – land, sea and air.  The virtual reality experience takes your breath away, submerging you underwater in the channel, surrounded by danger; then taking you to the skies, piloting an RAF Spitfire; and finally onto the beach, one of hundreds of thousands of trapped Allied soldiers awaiting their fate.

Category: Drama
Length: 4:36
Content Advisories: War
VR Advisories: Extreme Action


Offering a unique look at our oceans and the creatures that reside in it, the story is told through the director’s personal journey of overcoming his deep fear of sharks by learning to dive without protection and cage-free with great white sharks.

Category: Documentary
Length: 12:31
Content Advisories: Sharks
VR Advisories: underwater


Go behind the scenes with Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis as they perform an intense zero gravity stunt, as seen in the full length feature film.

Category: Action BTS
Length: 10:44


A collaboration between Within and The New York Times. Look for Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Lily Tomlin, Melissa McCarthy, and more!

Category: Experimental
Length: 3:50


A 360-degree journey into a living nightmare that offers a terrifying up-close and personal encounter as an alien Neomorph at the time of its birth.

Category: Sci-Fi / Horror
Length: 2:41


You’re the new caretaker at The Overview, chosen to single-handedly look after this remote hotel throughout the icy winter months. We join you on your first day of complete isolation, waking up very late following the end-of-the-season staff party — high in the mountains and cut off from the world by the first of the big snow storms. It’s time to leave your room and make your first check of the deserted hotel. This experience is inspired by the fantastic Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining.

Category: Horror Narrative
Length: 12:44


Invasion! is an animated film by Baobab Studios. Cute aliens trying to invade Earth are scared by a bunny.

Category: Adventure Animation
Length: 6:08


A sequel to Invasion! by Baobab Studios

Category: Adventure Animation
Length: 4:08


Space Explorers: A New Dawn chronicles Nasa’s revived space travel ambitions, featuring interviews with astronauts-in-training who are preparing for trips to the International Space Station, and a look at the space agency’s plans to venture to Mars in less than two decades.

Category: Documentary / Space
Length: 19:10


Melita is a beautifully animated story that plays out in a dystopian near-future, with a world in a full-swing climate catastrophe. In that world, humans work together with artificial intelligence-powered humanoid robots to find humanity a new home.

Category: Animation / Sci-Fi
Length: 23:30


A short, multi-sensory virtual reality teaser for an upcoming VR cinema experience by Academy Award-winning composer, AR Rahman.

Category: Drama
Length: 4:01


Trapped in a war zone, two parents struggle to distract their young daughter. This immersive experience transports the viewer into the family’s basement shelter.

Category: Drama
Length: 6:43


Tells the story of a “goodbye” emoji caught in a fight between a boy and his girlfriend. Different emoji characters compete to be chosen and used in conversation.

Category: Adventure Animation
Length: 5:43


Meet Pennywise, enter the sewers of Derry, and float along in the dark waters…

Category: Horror
Length: 4:30


This cinematic paranormal VR experience places you in the haunted bedroom of a child, where you are trapped in a game of hide-and-seek with Annabelle. The room comes alive as you move through it, while a possessed demon hunts you from all corners. There is no escape as you are compelled to face your greatest fears.

Category: Horror
Length: 3:29


It’s time to drift off to dreamland — but first, your mom is going to read you a short bedtime story. Take a journey into your childhood nightmares with Dark Corner’s newest sense-stunning immersive experience, produced in partnership with MPC VR.

Category: Horror
Length: 6:53


Experience the frantic last moments of one very unfortunate man’s life in this groundbreaking thriller. Try to piece together the puzzle of who you are and just how you got here, as you discover that the only thing more thrilling than dying…is what comes next. Choose your ending — burial or cremation.

Category: Horror
Length: 6:18


Alteration is the story of a man who volunteers for an experiment in recording dreams and memories. When he begins, he finds himself haunted by a fledgling artificial intelligence named Elsa, who is seeking to learn about the world through human memories. Soon, though, her observations of him descend into a kind of emotional vampirism.

Category: Sci-Fi
Length: 20:23


This immersive live-action documentary brings you face-to-face with a troop of Yazidi women fighters. After ISIS soldiers invaded the Yazidi community of Sinjar, killing all of the men and taking the women and girls as sex slaves, these brave women escaped and started a female-only fighting unit called the Sun Ladies. Together, their goal is to bring back their sisters and protect the honor and dignity of their people.

Category: War
Length: 7:00


A music video that follows a love interest and spans a small alley where a boy and girl try to get each other’s attention from windows.

Category: Music Video
Length: 4:43