Prepare to be moved at VR on the Lot. Four Experiences. One Platform.

This weekend at VR on the Lot, we invite you to enjoy four unforgettable VR experiences on Voyager™, the world’s first full-motion chair designed for cinematic VR.

Created by Positron, a VR technology studio based in Los Angeles, the Voyager™ platform and its motion capabilities are designed to enhance VR experiences.

“Positron is thrilled to offer VR enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a completely new level of immersion in VR storytelling with Voyager,” said Jeffrey Travis, creator of the chair and CEO of Positron. “VR on the Lot is the ideal forum to share our groundbreaking platform that provides audiences with a multi-sensory VR motion experience while empowering creators to direct the viewer’s attention to points of interest in the story,” added Jennifer Rundell, COO & Co-Founder, Positron.

From October 13th -14th, all VR on the Lot attendees will be able to enjoy the the following premium cinematic VR experiences at Positron (Booth 17) and Intel (Booth 16):

Positron, Booth 17

Synopsis: In 2026, the world is collapsing under the weight of climate change. Anaaya, a brilliant female Inuit scientist, is appointed to find a planet that humans can inhabit. And Melita, an advanced Artificial Intelligence, is sent to help her with this task. Together, they embark on a journey against time to save humanity from extinction. But during their search for a suitable planet, as the relationship between Melita and Anaaya evolves, a drastic decision changes humanity’s future forever.

Melita will be officially released on October 17th exclusively with Oculus.

Writing & Direction: Nicolás Alcalá
Producing Studio: Future Lighthouse
Premiere Festival: Venice Biennale, 2017
Country: Spain
Language: English
Duration: 23 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction/Nature
Kind of Experience: Roomscale animation

Positron, Booth 17

Synopsis: Alexandro volunteers for a dream experiment. Unbeknownst to him, the scientists conducting the study inject him with Elsa, an Artificial Intelligence that first digitizes, then takes over, his subconscious in order to turn herself into a human being. As one has come to expect from AI consciousness stories, the unintended consequences outweigh the benefits.

Writing & Direction: Jérôme Blanquet
Producing Studio: OKIO, Atlas 5
Premiere Festival: Tribeca, 2017
Country: France, USA
Language: English
Duration: 20 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction
Kind of Experience: Stereo 360

Le Musk
Intel, Booth 16

Synopsis: Academy Award-winning composer and songwriter A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) creates a music-driven, cinematic VR dance narrative that incorporates 360 video, spatial audio, and custom scents to create a truly multi-sensory Virtual Reality experience.

Direction: A. R. Rahman
Producing Studio: Ideal Entertainment
Premiere Event: NAB, 2017
Country: India
Language: English
Duration: 4 minutes
Genre: Music/Dance
Kind of Experience: Stereo 360

Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience
Intel, Booth 16

Synopsis: Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience takes viewers to the shores of Dunkirk for the largest troop evacuation in human history. From the windy beach, to the cockpit of a Spitfire in a dogfight, nothing puts you closer to the dread and excitement of the northern French town where nearly 400,000 English troops awaited rescue—not knowing whether they’d live or die.

Direction: Christopher Nolan
Producing Studio: Warner Brothers
Country: UK, France
Language: English
Duration: 5 minutes
Genre: War
Kind of Experience: Stereo 360

For further information, please contact Nathan Nazario at Positron.

About Positron and Voyager™

Positron is a VR technology studio based in Los Angeles that is focused on cinematic VR. The team includes mechatronics engineers, designers, software developers and artists who collaborate together to create premium VR experiences and products. Voyager™ is the first full-motion chair platform designed for cinematic VR. Integrating beautiful design and high-end engineering, it reflects a passionfor VR storytelling. Voyager™ delivers a completely new level of immersion in VR by providing a comfortable, fully integrated personal VR theater that incorporates gentle motorized yaw and pitch motion, audio-driven haptic feedback and specialized seating. Its unique software and hardware technology integration enables nuanced motion and haptic tracks to be encoded along the featured content’s visual and spatial audio tracks. The chair precisely guides the viewers’ attention to points of interest in the experience, while also allowing a viewer-controlled motion mode. Voyager™ units are available now for select theaters, hotels, concerts, and events that desire to provide a premium VR experience.

For Voyager images please visit Positron Media.