The Next Generation
Of VR®

Mesmerizing. Immersive. Extraordinary.

Fly with dragons. Ride a train with zombies. Swim with sharks. Our immersive VR chairs transport you to worlds of imagination. After experiencing Positron, you’ll never think of VR the same—or want to enjoy it any other way.

Elevated VR. Turnkey Operation.

From its intuitive operating system to its precision engineering, Positron is a turnkey VR experience designed to upgrade your attraction.

Visionary Features For Creators And Audiences Including:

Modular, turnkey system with a small footprint

Comfortable form factor

High-resolution tethered 4K VR headsets such as the HP Reverb G2

Patented motion system with -14° to +45° Pitch (Tilt) and unlimited +/-360° Yaw (Rotation)

Haptic pillows for a fully immersive audio experience

Optional scent dispenser—choose from our library of dozens of scents with up to 6 per experience, or build custom scents

LED mood lighting

Enterprise PC with high-end GPU for highest playback quality on tethered VR headsets

Multiple chairs can be synchronized or operate independently

Access to our growing library of premium VR films

World-class Technical Support with premium SLA

Limited Warranty

SEAMLESS MOTION for a better experience

Immerse yourself in a whole new world with our award-winning, patented VR motion technology. Experience the sensation of flying, floating, and soaring, all while feeling secure and safe. Our whisper-quiet motion and unlimited 360° rotation, combined with a 59° pitch range, eliminates motion sickness and enhances your VR experience. Don't just take our word for it, see what our satisfied customers have to say.

A person sitting in a Positron VR motion chair, wearing a headset, with one finger pointing to the distance.

What People Are Saying About Positron