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Raise your wow factor and your revenue with the Positron XR Cinema VR System.

Positron has combined cinematic VR with a precision-engineered motion chair to give audiences a multi-sensory experience of a lifetime. Able to be installed anywhere, the Positron Voyager® VR Chair offers venues a simple user operating system, a robust content library of top VR films, and a studied model of high guest throughput.

positron xr cinema economics

$200,000 USD monthly average gross revenue*

50% Average Footfall Conversion Rate

1000 SQ FT

VR Films 5-35 minutes

Average 20 chairs per venue

Average $20 ticket price

Audiences 8-98 years old

VR experience
of 10 minutes

20 Voyager chairs
per XR Cinema

$20 USD
ticket price

8-98 years old

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Premium VR
For Location-Based Entertainment

The Metaverse is coming, and the VR/AR industry is expected to be a $296 billion market by 2024. With the most innovative software and hardware platform around, Positron makes adding location-based VR entertainment to your location easier than ever. With a premium, full-motion haptic chair distribution network and an ever-expanding content library, you can offer something completely new and future-proof to keep audiences coming back and revenue growing.

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